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I'll get into more detail later, but I wanted to get some things down for posterity since I have a clean install laptop.

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First Week!

So my first week back at FXB was riddled with all the things you would expect.  Pain, exertion, hunger, and the like!  The pain was the good sort of pain, letting me know every step of the way that I'm pushing myself just the right amount, without the flaring stabbing pain of going past my limits.  The exertion was harder than I remember, but I assume that's because when I first started FXB I had been exercising on a fairly regular basis.  This time I hadn't pushed myself in months!  The hunger is a good thing as well, telling me my body is needing nutrients and when it needs them most.  Sticking to the eating plan of 6 meals a day really does work, and when you do it right you get hungry every three hours.

I've added two tools to my arsenal to help me succeed with the mission of losing weight and getting healthy.  The first tool added is the Nike+ Fuel Band, it's an accelerometer that gives me a general score for overall movement.  It's been greatly successful in measuring Cardio, somewhat successful measuring upper body, and mostly useless for lower body days!  All has to do with how much the right arm moves!

The other tool is an iPhone app called MynetDiary Pro, it's $3.99 and has a great database of food items to pick from, while everything hasn't been spot on it's been close enough to give me a general idea where I'm eating.  It also has goal planning, charting, and the like.  It accounts for exercise, so while I'm eating ~500-700 calories more than it suggests to meat my goal it shows that I'm exercising the balance off.  So far this week I've been spot on for my dietary needs with the exception of Thursday when I went 500 calories over my budget!

I started this adventure at 345lbs and today I'm at 337lbs, a total of 8lbs lost the first week.  I have no doubt a good bit of that is water weight, but it's 3lbs above my goal of 5lbs a week which means I'm off to a great start!


First Day Back

Saturday I had planned on going to FXB and doing the new-member measurements and stuff.  Life however sabotaged me and was far too crazy to do that.  Kim's car had a flat tire, we had an appointment to get her an oil change anyhow... her jack ended up not having a handle, my jack handle didn't work, we bought a new jack and went on with our overly busy day anyhow.  I did get on the scale Sunday and I weighed in;  345lbs... this makes me very sad as I started FXB at 350lbs and was down to 295 before I gave up!

It has been 8 months since I worked out at all.  And I feel every day of  my slackassness.  I made it through the class though, it was very hard to keep my arms up and throwing punches.  I took a hit from my inhaler between shadow boxing and the heavy bag work, which really did help a lot.  I think I'll see how it goes all week before I decide if I'm going to proactively take the inhaler before class or not.  Ideally I'd like to get to a point I'm off the inhaler, but first things first!

Mel was at FXB and it was her first day back as well!  Good to see people I know getting back on the horse!  Got my lunch and snacks all lined up, I am looking forward to seeing the lower side of 300 again and my goal is 10 weeks!  I know this is aggressive, but I believe it can be done!




As you may have guessed…

I'm coming back.

Life pulled me away, life drug me down, life threw curves at me and made me change my schedule.  Instead of adapting and fitting it all in, I made a choice that I have since regretted.  I'm back at 340lbs, and I feel worse about it than I thought possible!  My back hurts, my knees hurt, my soul hurts!  My pants don't fit right, my shirts don't fit right, etc, etc, etc.

So I dropped an e-mail to Ben, and he said all I had to do was pay up and I was good to go.  So I did this, and Saturday they are doing measurements for the next 10 week session, I'm planning on riding the coat tails of the new members and pretending to be one of them.  I'm not eligible for the 10 week challenge, but sticking through it with the new guys I think will help motivation.  Definitely the 5 week and 10 week weigh ins will help measure success.

Of course a big part of the success here requires eating right, something I've partly done, but mostly failed without the pressure of my body needing the nutrients to rebuild properly... that means a big shopping list this week and back on the protein shakes!

I also picked up a Nike fuel band, it should be here in a week or two and my hope is that it helps measure my day to day effort in class better than 'I think I pushed myself'...



Coming Soon!


The Left Knee

This weekend my left knee buckled on me no less than a half-dozen times.  It is very painful when it happens, it's very isolated to the inside edge of the kneecap, and feels a bit like a needle sliding up into the joint.  As such I'll be skipping FXB today and actually making the doctor's appointment I meant to make last week.  I was considering going today and just doing what I could, but as soon as I got up and headed towards the alarm clock my knee twinged a little, just reminding me that a greater pain awaited if I did move just right...


Diabetes & The Pact 3

Blood sugar is still in line, a touch higher than I'd like after FXB, but I tested this morning before eating anything and it was nice and low.  I'll keep monitoring closely for a week or two before deciding that it was a fluke that I spiked so high... Bryon was at the 5:15am class, and he presented me with a photo of himself with a yellow band yesterday, so he certainly stuck to his side of the bargain!  Mel on the other hand didn't show up... I kept forgetting to text her until just now, so we'll see what she has to say!


Diabetes and the Pact – Day 2

As I mentioned yesterday I had discovered a problem with my blood sugar, I'm not sure if it's been an ongoing problem or just a bad spike from a very unhealthy meal I ate that night (it was my 3rd anniversary and we had Outback with bread and wine.)  Anyhow after discovering the issue I tracked and for the next 12-15 hours my blood sugar readings were higher than normal, but last night they returned to healthy levels.  Pre-Dinner was 101, an hour post was 116, before bed was 107.  When I got back from Farrell's this morning I was at 157,and I forgot to read before I went to Farrell's.  An hour later I clocked in at 105 which is quite acceptable.

As far as the pact goes, two of the three of us were at class this morning.  Bryon missed it, but when I texted him he claims he'll go at lunch in West Des Moines.  He said he would send pictures as proof, I have asked him to be holding a yellow o-ring in his left hand for the picture to prove it's a current shot!  Really I trust that he'll go, but may as well make it fun!


My Diabetes and The Pact

Over the weekend I developed a blister on my 2nd toe on my right foot.  It is on top of the foot, not from anything rubbing as far as I can tell, and it showed up out of no where and then the skin peeled off nearly immediately.  I've kept it clean and dry, bandaged and neosporined, and it is still being slow to heal.  This concerns me greatly as my doctor warned me to watch for this sort of thing when I was diagnosed diabetic.  Last night I did something I haven't bothered to do in a long time, I took my blood sugar, and I'm not happy with the numbers at all.  I was at 260 an hour after dinner, an hour later I had dropped down to 200 and at bedtime it was back up to 240.  This morning I awoke and immediately tested my blood sugar and was sitting at 260 again.

I've managed this with diet and exercise in the past, and intend to give myself 1 week to get these numbers back under control.  Come next Tuesday if I'm not back to normal blood sugar levels I'll make an appointment to see my doctor.

As a bonus this morning both Mel and Bryon were at FXB, both are friends I know from joining the gym, and both have had spotty attendance of late.  Mel had a stress fracture on her foot and I assume Bryon suffered from SlackAss™  just like I have been.  We have all made a pact, to keep on top of each other and to attend regularly for 30 days.  This combined with the extra motivation of not wanting Diabetes to rule my life will help keep me on the straight and narrow.

Today's Kickboxing was meh, I really didn't like the combo's the instructor threw at us, they were consistently not fluid and that makes the entire class an exercise in awkward.  I swear sometimes the instructors just don't think about the fact that a hook is an up close and personal punch while you throw a cross to hit someone at arms reach... so the combo hook, cross just doesn't work well!